Cloud hosting and why it’s becoming a new paradigm?

Everyone once in a while when registering their domain has gone through hosting and have heard the term "Cloud Hosting". Recently we have come across various advancement in technologies. Cloud hosting is also a part of those thought-provoking changes. It has grown its popularity in the past few years. After the introduction of Cloud in the technological world, we have seen it getting embedded and applied in every area. And now it has expanded its reach to the hosting areas as well.  If you want to understand better about hosting then can learn here “What is Hosting”

Here, we will explore what is cloud hosting, how it functions and why people are moving forward to cloud hosting for making their website live. First of all, it's better to discuss

What is the Cloud?

What is Domain?

In real-world Domain is an area which is in control of a particular person or government. Similarly, the web world is non-other than the replica of the humane world, with every virtual representation of the physical existence. In Web World Domain is synonymously used as “Domain Name”. Domain Name is used to identify the name of the Website or Webpage. Every domain name end with some suffix like .com, .org, .Edu, .in and many others. Let see an example for better understanding. www.Web4Bihar.com  is a domain name of a website where the prefix www stands for “World Wide Web” and suffix .com stand for "commercial business". In every domain name prefix are going to be similar but changes in the suffix can be noticed frequently. Likewise, we are listing some of the suffix used in the domain names with the purpose behind it.

What is Hosting? Why it requires?

Earlier Internet is only used for Mails, telnet, and connectivity, but after the advancement of the World Wide Web large group of business websites are created and published over the internet via their own computers and servers. Which cost a lot to the businesses. Then come the era of interactive websites and browsers which shaped a whole new platform for web related pages. Where many companies started to provide hosting facilities over their owned servers.

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