Everyone once in a while when registering their domain has gone through hosting and have heard the term "Cloud Hosting". Recently we have come across various advancement in technologies. Cloud hosting is also a part of those thought-provoking changes. It has grown its popularity in the past few years. After the introduction of Cloud in the technological world, we have seen it getting embedded and applied in every area. And now it has expanded its reach to the hosting areas as well.  If you want to understand better about hosting then can learn here “What is Hosting”

Here, we will explore what is cloud hosting, how it functions and why people are moving forward to cloud hosting for making their website live. First of all, it's better to discuss

What is the Cloud?

An interaction between a computer and IT resources through network connection is termed as a cloud. In simple words, it's a process of storing and saving data in various computers/ storage devices and accessing it through a network (Internet). The connection is established in such ways between the Computers which makes them act as a whole new single computer system with never-ending storage. Few examples of Cloud-based services are the Google Docs and Dropbox. These storage are easily expandable and have no physical presence on your computer with all the data getting stored in the network of System/servers/any other storage devices.

What’s Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a way of hosting your website over the cloud. Cloud hosting services use virtual servers which are underlying beneath a network of deep computers for computing resources and making your website available. These services use multiple server resources rather than getting your website placed over a single physical server which is limited to its use.  

Cloud hosting server is a group of a collaborated virtual server with different levels of reach. Like a server stack over some other and the chain keeps going but not necessarily placed at a single position. The whole connection between the servers is maintained and controlled by the internet giving it full stability.

With an unknown number of virtual servers, Cloud hosting gives an infinite scale of resources not only in terms of Storage but can also be a powerhouse to your website through infinite resources making it a great choice to have for hosting your website.


Why choose Cloud Hosting?

As they can be instantly accessed via the internet the Cloud hosting server has various benefits which can't be ignored while getting a Hosting Service. While the hosting is completely decisive as per the functioning of your website. If your website is growing one and further in future going to need more resources then Cloud hosting is the best to go for. Web4Bihar is one of the best cloud hosting service provider. Check our plans and packages for Cloud Hosting. Let see some of the benefits of having a cloud hosting.

  • Cloud hosting is highly scalable

With an infinite number of servers Cloud hosting is best suited for its high scalability. It gives an option of increasing your disk space/ storage and memory as per the requirement anytime.

  • Security and stability

Cloud hosting is highly secured and runs in the secluded environment with no accessibility to unknown and even any physical server get compromised, then also no interruption will be caused as one can rely upon other networks of Server.

  • High performance and speed

Various computer forms the cloud which not only improves the computing speed but also enriches the performances.


All business want cost-efficient ways to run their businesses. And the similar ways with their website. Cloud hosting is for all those who want to pay just for what they use.

Hope this article has made you understand about cloud hosting and whether they are suitable for your website hosting or not? If you are in search of a good website hosting company. Your search is over. Check our latest and cost-effective services of HostingCloud HostingSSLVPS and many more. For similar information follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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